Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tutus and Ties Mini Sessions

When I decided to do the Tutu's and Ties mini sessions, I KNEW I was going to absolutely LOVE doing it. After speaking to many of my parents, they had stated that with the new "tutu and tie" trend, they absolutely wanted to have pictures done of their children in a tutu or tie, however, they never feasibly could justify spending the time, and money to devote a session just to a tutu or tie. So I thought, with a tutu, its just one outfit change, right? Its not like you need to spend an entire hour with a child in a tutu, so why not make it a mini session and slash the price? I was able to cut the mini session down to $30 and make it a pay per image session. That way, you have TONS of great images to choose from, however, you don't have to spend tons of money on a CD full of pictures that you may or may not use, you can choose your favorites and spend half the price. However, for my CD lovers, you can also purchase the entire CD as well, as usual!

So I had little Amara in my studio for a tutu session, and I was just IN LOVE with the props and accessories her mommy brought! Not only did Amara sport of the cutest glitter tutu but she also had the cutest, biggest, most laciest pink flower headband, and it was PERFECT! Not to mention, for a few pictures she got to wear her mommies headpiece from when she got married. Which, was so sentimental it was absolutely perfect! You will have to stop back and see more tutu's and ties sessions, which will be posted throughout January and some of February!

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